All our items are avaialble for take out and catering.

Popular Items

Shawarma chicken tray 25- 30 servings, includes garlic sauce.


Our home made hummus 50-60 servings

Our house salad 25-30 servings.

Vegan, uniquely spiced rice: 25-30 servings.

Item Cost
Hummus 8 oz$3.59
Hummus 16 oz$6.99
Baba Ghanoush 8 oz$8.99
Rice 16 oz$2.99
Pita Bread Bag (5)$4.00

By The Tray Items* ServingsCost
Chicken Shawarma25-30$75
Lamb Shawarma25-30$150
Leg of Lamb25-30$130
Fattoush Salad25-30$50
Mediterranean Salad25-30$60
Jerusalem Salad25-30$70
Baklava40 lg or 80 sm pieces$70

*Includes all sauces and dressings.

Individual Items (20 minimum orders) ServingsCost
Beef Kabab (2) (grill item)1$4.49
Chicken Skewer (grill item)1$3.49
Vegetable Skewer (grill item)1$3.49
Lamb Shank1$7
Falafel (3)1$1.45
Kibbeh (1) 1$1.59

To place an order or to inquire about large catering orders only (NOT an online order for pickup):
Email: orders@galileegrill.com
Delivery Charges Apply. Please allow for 2-3 business days notice.

For same day pickup orders please call
(435) 654-3846